Nectar is owned by Dave & Tricia Kelly. The small chain is based in Southern California with our home offices in Redlands, Ca. We currently have eight locations.

The couple originally started a designer denim boutique in Redlands, California, in 2005, as boyfriend and girlfriend entrepreneur team. The first boutique the couple opened was a 600 sq foot tiny little designer denim shop called “denM”. Eventually the economy forced new affordable trends into fashion, and designer brands became less of a focus. The then newly married owners opened the first “Nectar” concept in 2008 based on affordable trends, at a space just two doors down from “denM.” Dave and Tricia are now married with three daughters.

We are now a company that is blessed with growth beyond what we could have accomplished on our own. We give all the glory to God. We also embrace change and we constantly evolve as a company, catering to the fashion demands of the current market. Our convictions run deep when it comes to paying forward our company success. The owners require the Nectar company culture to live this out in our charitable contributions to help support the local community’s we operate in.

In 2017 Nectar (@nectarclothing + all affiliated Nectar locations) and our women’s shop For Good (@forgoodcommunity), became an official give back brand. Our company donates 10% of our all profits toward helping local kids in need with giving brand new, brand name clothing, to boost their self confidence, which in turn helps lead to better success with education for underprivileged youth.

We volunteer our time and donate to our local communities through our 501-3© charity, “Nectar Gives” because our heart is for people. We believe in “retail for good” and as a company we make sure our retail success goes toward good in our communities. Clothing is something we are experienced at, so we found a way to bless local kids in need with our connections in the fashion industry and through each purchase made at our shops.

Nectar today has grown into several So Cal locations, a charity, and a website  ( Nectar is also opening a brunch restaurant slotted to be completed in early 2022.
Dave and Tricia Kelly with their three daughters