Our products are Made For Love.


Giving back to our community is very important to us, and it is what gives us the drive to grow and build our brand every day. As we grow, we have more ability to help our communities and that is exactly what we intend to do. We are a give back brand. ❤️ EACH & EVERY product purchase works to better the life of a local young person in need. We are driven by the concept that if every human on this earth focused on doing good for one other human, this whole world would truly be a better place. In our view, the business world has a obligation to this mentality as well. We will continue to make sure our products are all MADE FOR LOVE. They will give back, & this is how Nectar will do it’s part.


How it works:


We donate 10% of profits from our ‘Nectar Clothing’ & For Good brand/stores to help provide clothes to local kids living in need. We donate brand new clothes and accessories monthly, to local kids who are less fortunate or living in poverty and to partnering charities that make helping these kids their main priority. We also give directly on a case by case evaluation, and through local organizations that support this vision.


We feel that giving locally is still a huge need in this country. We also believe that a brand new set of clothes can change the hope in a child, and assist this young person to believe in big things for themselves. This can lead to achieving big things for themselves and in turn the world.


We partner with charities that have the mission to provide clothing and other necessities to less fortunate middle school and high school students that slip through the cracks of public funding. Items such charities collect and distribute, for example, are new school clothes, formal attire (for dances), business attire (for interviews and jobs), graduation caps and gowns, accessories and toiletries.


If you represent such a charity, know of a great organization, or would like to refer a local candidate to receive brand new clothes from our Made For Love initiative, please email info@nectarclothing.com. All submissions will be reviewed. We will only accept submissions from third parties willing to speak on the need. Parties will not be able to nominate themselves.


We donate funds through our charity “Nectar Gives" a legal 501(c)(3) charity.